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Todays blog is going to be things you may not have already know about Cannock and some interesting facts.

Cannock Shopping Centre Size

It is a whopping 97,500 square feet, for those of you that like football or know much about football, it is equivalent to nearly TWO football pitches!

Spooky Hearsay...

Rumours are said that Cannock Shopping Centre is haunted by a ghost that has a desire for ladies. It is also believed that there are dancing ghosts and actors from when the theatre stood where the centre is now.

Caring for the Community

Cannock Shopping Centres management team are trained as ‘Dementia Friends’.

I think we're alone now

in 2005 Tiffany, known as the singer of the song “I Think We’re Alone Now” moved from her home town in California to Cannock to be with her British Husband… Aww!

Cannock's Population

Would you believe us if we told you the population of Cannock was 99,853* people!! 


Area of Natural Beauty

Back in 1958 Cannock was designated as an Area of Natural Beauty (AONB) because of its history, wildlife and landscapes with extensive areas of forest and woodland. It is also the smallest AONB in the country.

So on 16th September 2018 Cannock celebrated its 60th year as an AONB. 

Cannock Chase

Did you know the size of Cannock Chase is 78.99km²


The wildlife in Cannock Chase include a number of rare and endagered birds which you can try and catch a glimpse by visiting the feeding stations which attract many different species including Bullfinches, Yellowhammers and Brambling.

Doe a Dear

The wildlife includes a herd of about 800 fallow deer!

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